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Under the emblem of Radici del Sud, the Association Propapilla offers opportunities for visibility to the wine and food industry and especially to the viticulture of South Italy and provides a detailed representation of both flourishing sectors stressing the connections they have with their terroirs so as to make them particularly appealing on both foreign and national markets.

Radici del Sud describes the wine and food scenario and updates it year after year through three different guides about pizzerias, restaurants and wines. Thanks to the Exhibition of South Italian wines which  has been held since 2005, Radici del Sud turns the spotlight on the wines produced from native grapes of Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. 

Radici del Sud -the Exhibition of South Italian wine-s is a multi-event which lasts a number of days, some devoted to the BtoB meetings between foreign buyers or experts and wine producers taking into consideration their affinity from a productive and territorial point of view. Some are instead devoted to the blind tasting sessions of the competition between all South Italian wines, arranged according to the grape they are produced from. The tastings are rigorously blind and are held by two different panels of tasters: one made up of international wine buyers and the other composed of Italian and international wine-writers. This specific arrangement of the juries  allows to view the results in a more immediate way. On the one hand we  have the judgement of those who take into consideration the market trends paying particular attention to the market requirements; on the other hand we rely on the more impartial judgement of the journalists coming from all over the world who can exchange their opinions.

The added value of Radici del Sud, the Exhibition of South Italian wines, lies in the relationships it is able to establish. Year after year our network of “friends” has developed hand in hand with the attention the South Italian wines have captured. It’s exactly this comparison formula that has allowed Radici to become a landmark for journalists, tasters, Masters of wines, operators and buyers from all over the world. Hundreds of authoritative wine representatives have felt involved in the revival of interest and  enhancement of our wines.

Besides the meetings and the tastings, the guests are offered exciting tours throughout the beauty of landscapes, monuments, villages, vineyards and the wineries which join the Exhibition. At night there are always scheduled dinners and themed tastings aimed at enhancing exchanges between the protagonists and event guests, producers, buyers, experts, restaurant owners and journalists and local associations.

On the last day of the  Exhibition of South Italian wines there is an open meeting among operators, experts, producers and wine lovers that ends with the tasting of the wines produced by every participating winery as well as the gala dinner prepared by renowned chefs. Each of them proposes his/her interpretation of the raw material and recipes belonging to the area they come from. These dishes are paired with Radici wines. 


Radici Wines Experience

The day which ideally closes the previous  annual Radici delSud edition  is held few months later and is dedicated to the presentation of the guidebooks. It ends with  a sumptuous open tasting of the wines which have won the competition. 

Waiting for the Exhibition of South Italian wines

This includes a series of events leading up to RadicidelSud. They are held throughout  South Italian regions and prove to be an opportunity for producers from different areas to meet and get in touch. The events related to Waiting for Radici steadily involve the most representative chefs working in the South Italian catering. 


Over the years Radici del Sud  has developed also in other directions to join such prestigious events as the Fancy Food Show, one of the most important agro-food exhibitions in the USA, but also the European Wine Blogger Conference, the yearly meeting of wine bloggers coming from all over the world which took place in 2011 in Europe and Franciacorta, or even the “The wines of Apulia meet Europe” event held in Brussels. 

Guests of Radici del Sud – the Exhibition of South Italian wines

Angelo Peretti

Alfonso Cevola                                    

Bruno Gambacorta

Carlo Macchi

Christina Pikard

David Berry Green

Deborah Parker Wong

Debra Meiburg

Enzo Vizzari

Ewa Wielezynska

Fabio Giavedoni 

Franco Ziliani

Gregory Dal Piaz

Hervé Lalau 

Ian D’Agata

Jancis Robinson 

Jane Hunt

Jeremy Parzen 

Jo Cooke 

Juancho Asenjo

Kerin O’Keefe

Kile Philips

Liliane Turmes

Luciano Pignataro

Lugi Cremona

Luzia Schrampf,

Magnus Reuterdahl 

Marek Bienczyk 

Margherita Guy

Matthew Waldin

Maurizio Gily 

Mayumi Nakagawara

Michael Wising

Natasha Ughes

Ole Udsen

Paolo Zaccaria

Paul Balke,

Pierre Casamayor

Piotr Kamecki 

Richard Baudains

Rosmary George

Ryan Opaz

Steffen Maus

Susan Hulme

Tom Cannavan

Tom Hyland

Tom Maresca

Tomasz Prange-Barczynski

Vito Intini

Whitney Adams

Wilfried Moselt

Wojciech Bonkowski